ONE  WHO  DRESSES is a digital space dedicated to understanding personal style. It arose out of my desire for a forum that considered what we wear in its many dimensions, far beyond what is seen on the surface. 

You are ONE  WHO  DRESSES if you invest time and attention in what you wear and are inspired by the power of fashion as a vehicle for self-expression, and you equally care about other matters: the environment, human rights, your own personal fulfillment and growth, and our collective humanity. You want to read about fashion in the context of all that interests you as a woman. This space exists to do just that.

The mission is simple: by holding up a mirror to what we wear, to slowly answer the question what is style, celebrating humans in clothes along the way. 




I am Nadine. I am human. I believe in and not or. I love black and white. 

I am Nadine. I am human. I believe in and not or. I love black and white. 


This space is a living record on fashion seen through my lens. I have long struggled to reconcile my love for fashion with my orientation towards issues of social and environmental justice. I have long believed that fashion is a substantive construct that's all too often mistaken for one that is superficial. And I have long dreamed about creating a place, this place, to delve deeply into why we get dressed, what we are trying to say with our clothes, who we are trying to be in our clothes, and how we can dress in a way that best allows us to feel whole.


Featured images (L to R): 

Ouled-Naïl woman in Tunisia by Lehnert & Landrock, 1905.

Woman in Senegal, photographer unknown, circa 1910, via The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Woman in Old Romania by Kurt Hielscher, circa 1930.