A Few Things That Might End Up In My Closet

A Few Things That Might End Up In My Closet

Greetings from the midst of the summer to fall transition. I'm thinking about my wardrobe here (as usual) and it's time for a little shakeup. I'll be consigning some pieces and looking to (carefully) fold in a few new ones. Here are a few things I'm considering adding to the mix. 


Creatures of Comfort Denim Pants

Sustainability profile: These are made in the USA of 100% cotton. Would I love the cotton to be organic? Yes, but realistically that's not yet a widely available option in denim. Supporting US jean manufacturing is concrete progress, as would buying second hand or vintage denim be. 


Sustainability profile: This shirt is 100% linen, a fabric with one of the lowest environmental impacts. Reformation is a sustainable fashion brand (that doesn't skimp one bit in the style department either). Their RefScale is a tool you can use to see how much carbon dioxide, water, and waste a piece of Reformation clothing generates compared with industry averages.  


Sustainability profile: This skirt is 100% silk and also from Reformation. 


Sustainability profile: Because these already exist and no new resources are being used to produce them, they could be made from plastic dipped in oil, and it would still be a win-win for everyone concerned if I bough them and proceeded to prance around in them!


Rosie Assoulin Oversized Jacket

Sustainability profile: This is another second-hand option, but even if it were not, Rosie Assoulin is an independent designer who produces her clothing in New York City using high quality materials made to last. Also, I'd wear this unbuttoned and invite you to consider doing the same if you buy it. 


OK! Enough with the neutrals already. Here's a pop of color courtesy of two red pieces that will do the trick. 

Caron Callahan Stewart Pants

Sustainability profile: Made in the USA of 100% cotton. Carol Callahan is also a small, independent designer which means that buying these pants also supports a a woman-run small business. 


Sustainability Profile: Second-hand again! And look at those tassles! 


What's on your shopping list? 

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