A Summer Styling Tutorial Courtesy of Katharine Hepburn

A Summer Styling Tutorial Courtesy of Katharine Hepburn

Yesterday, my mother sent what I read as an urgent text alerting me to the wardrobe of a certain Katharine Hepburn in the movie Summertime. You don't have to say Katharine Hepburn and wardrobe twice to pique my interest. Twenty seconds later I was all-in on this masterpiece of summer styling, which, I should mention takes place in Venice, as if I needed another reason to be hooked.

Here's what works (I'm assuming, I haven't seen the movie but the images are good enough for me until I do). Ms. Hepburn's character wears variations on a similar theme, long-sleeved yet appropriately airy collared shirt dresses with accessories that make each look feel considered and remarkable. The result is a woman who dresses like she knows very well who she is, although that doesn't stop her from having fun with her wardrobe. Sounds pretty ideal to me. 


Look 1: Taupe shirt dress accessorized with stacked pearl bracelet and chiffon gloves

This belted shirt dress is lovely for a cooler summer evening. The chiffon gloves do so much. In fact, I should be wearing chiffon gloves right now; feeling a bit disappointed that I'm not. 


Look 2 : Collared coral dress with multi strand pearl necklace and stacked gold bracelets

I love the timeless simplicity of this dress. The pearls are formal, but the mismatched gold bracelets inject some levity in the accessories department. The chiffon gloves are still magic.  


Look 3 : Black strapless gown with chiffon scarf at the neck

Evening provides an opportunity to vary things up. Here, an elegant black strapless gown is made unique with the addition of what appears to be a chiffon silk scarf wrapped around the neck. Aside from individualizing the rather ubiquitous little black dress, the silk chiffon offers the major benefit of wafting, mastered by Grace Kelly in a film from the same year! White gloves are out, black gloves are in and I'm still wondering why I'm not wearing some variation of summer glove right now.


Look 4 : Cap sleeved summer shirt dress layered over a white collared shirt

Our leading lady ventures into her next look optimally layered and accessorized. I welcome the reminder that a white collared shirt could conceivably be layered under a variety of summer dresses to create a cool look. Wear it, as Ms. Hepburn did, with sleeves uncuffed and scarf and pin to match or cuff the sleeves for a more informal variation on the look. Also, the chunky gold cuff is duly noted.


Look 5 : The timeless white collared shirt dress

This dress is nothing short of a Venetian summer dream come true! 

So good, right?

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