Slip Into the Warm, Calculated Minimalism of Axel Vervoordt

Slip Into the Warm, Calculated Minimalism of Axel Vervoordt

In the perennial fashion debate as to whether less is more or more is more, I am, admittedly, unclear. I spent a good chunk of time essentially as a fashion minimalist, contentedly wearing permutations of black and white, until something shifted, and suddenly, color and texture (and tassels!) seemed so relevant to how I wanted to be dressing.

Recently, I found myself lost in the carefully curated world of Belgian interior designer Axel Vervoordt and I emerged from it with a thought on the less/more debate: maybe style isn't about whether less is more or more is more at all. Maybe the relevant question is: what's just right? For you. In Mr. Vervoordt's world, that means rooms that are meticulously calculated to be spare yet warm, to make an impression and yet leave space for an element of the unknown. It's quite a tough feat to pull off, but Vervoordt does it with aplomb, as evidenced in the below tour through a few of his spaces. Coupled with insights on his approach to curation and creation, I'm left with the feeling that, perhaps beyond anything, for Vervoordt, style is spiritual, no more, no less. 


on how we treat our things:

It’s also a matter of respect and love for the material, like respect for the earth and respect for very simple things that we are surrounded with. When you pay respect to these things, your life gets more interesting.

on the value of what is old:

It’s the beauty of age and imperfection. Time itself becomes the artist, because it is able to transform things. What’s missing in the new is a story. There are no cuts, no traces of use, no damage. But time oxidizes things and gives material a new skin. It’s kind of an active love. I love these old things, even if they were not meant to be beautiful and have been used. It has something so real.

on curation: 

Choosing art and objects is an art in itself. It’s about recognizing what is important in society, and where our civilization is going.
You have to feel with your eyes as well, not only look, but feel with them.

on seeing:


on style as authenticity: 

For me, everything needs to be real, because I believe in the energy of real. I prefer things when they are honest and not trying to copy something else.



All images not my own.  The source of Mr. Vervoordt's quotes is "A Venetian Rendez-Vous with Axel Vervoordt," by Robert Grunenberg in 032c Magazine here.

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