what is style?



The central question at the heart of this site is: what is style? Our contemporary understanding of style is predicated on the premise that style is something we can buy. We’re offered this consumptive conception of style everywhere we look—in fashion magazines and through digital media, where a click-here, buy-it-now culture lures us with the prospect of an externalized style that can somehow be internalized with our every purchase. But style can’t be bought. Not at any price. It's not for sale in the first place.

At its essence, style is a complicated, endlessly fascinating human capacity. It is our spirit and what we think, our creativity, our individual way of being, and our intention for our clothes. To nurture a meaningful relationship with fashion, our task is to understand style, to hone it, to carefully craft it and make it our own.

If style is like a solar system, this is its map, and these are its planets. Each link is a portal to a new world, a new way of seeing. The goal is to understand ourselves more deeply, to see where we fit, to discover more meaningful ways of being. To discover who we are. To discover truth. Feeling wonderful in our clothes, and even better in our skin, loving what we wear, having fun with fashion—these are the fruits of our exploration.

You are one who dresses in this universe. Make yourself at home.





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